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  1. The history of Pro-Dec
  2. Quality Statement
  3. Warranty
  4. Refund & Exchange Policy
  5. Trading terms
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Our History

Pro-Dec began in 1973 after the founder David Puchy was granted world-wide patents for the revolutionary "Snap-Caps" after deciding that the then-popular "cup washers" were both visually unattractive and potentially dangerous if the screw was damaged. David was a brilliant design engineer who previously was influential in the design of hydraulic systems, laminar-flow clean rooms, dust and pollution collection and the "slipform" method of skyscraper construction for a number of Australian companies.

After forming Pro-Dec Moulded Plastics in 1973, David faced the difficult task of marketing a new product that few potential customers even felt they needed. ( By the way, the name "Pro-Dec" comes from PROTECTIVE and DECORATIVE) Today, Snap-Caps are used in more than 100 countries, by thousands of customers who would not dream of leaving exposed fasteners on their products.

In the meantime, David continued with his design work, designing Roof Caps, Bifix caps and Kappet screws. His lateral thinking, insight and unique abilities also had him designing products in the medical, electrical and screw-manufacturing industries. In 1982, Pro-Dec was incorporated as Pro-Dec Products (Australia) Pty Ltd.

The Pro-Dec group of companies is now the largest manufacturer of fastener covers in the world. With the aims of Quality and Service, we have a record of not just meeting our customer's expectations, but surpassing them.

In 1992, David's son Andrew took over management of the company after 20 years of working in the Aviation Industry both in Australia and overseas. In April 1999, to allow for internal changes, the operation of the business was transferred to a new company, Pro-Dec Products Pty Ltd.

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Quality Statement

The best possible Product, with the best possible Service, at the best possible Price!

At Pro-Dec, we have made a decision not to adopt a formal Quality Assurance program such as AS9000.

In our dealings with such certified companies, it is apparent that Certification does not guarantee a better standard of product or service, only that an effort will be made to re-supply the product or service. Certification also requires a substantial paperwork trail, which for a small company like ours, creates a substantial increase in costs which you, the customer, will ultimately have to bear.

Instead we have an in-house quality system, developed over 25 years or so. This system encompasses all aspects of our production and administration, from the ordering and receipt of raw materials to random testing of manufactured parts and finally order dispatch . This system is being constantly amended in response to changing requirements, and in many respects is to a higher standard than the formal Assurance standards.

As part of our quality system, we have our Product Warranty which guarantees replacement of any of our product which are not of an acceptable quality. Please note that because there are an infinite number of possible applications of our range of cover caps, we cannot guarantee that the caps will work on, or be appropriate for, all applications. We are however happy for you to consult with us about your individual needs.

We realise that occasionally problems will occur. In many instances, we may not even be aware that you have a problem (such as the delivery of your order) unless you tell us. It is our desire to provide the best product and service possible, and your feedback is vital to this process. We will make every effort possible to leave you satisfied with the result and happy to do business with us again.

You can telephone us, fax us or use our Contact page. We promise you our every effort to resolve your problem.

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As company has no control over the use to which its goods are put, it makes no warranty expressed or implied with respect to the goods except that it will replace any goods found to have manufacturing defects. Company does not assume liability for proper installation of its products nor labour costs involved in replacement or repair.

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Refund & Exchange Policy

Goods may be exchanged within 30 Days of receipt provided packs are unopened and in original condition. A Handling Fee of $10.00 or 5% (of returned goods - whichever is greater) plus freight costs may be charged. Please call us to arrange Return Authorisation. No claims will be recognised without prior authorisation from us.

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Trading Terms

Trading Terms are pre-payment by Credit Card, Cheque or by Direct Deposit to our account.

Customers trading in excess of $200 per month are eligible to apply for an account.

Prices charged, shipping policy and minimum order values are as per Price Lists. Placement of Order is considered acceptance of current Price List and Terms.

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Other Legal Stuff

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