Press-in cover caps for Phillips head and Pozidriv screws

  1. What are Bifix caps?
  2. Why are Bifix caps so much better?
  3. How do Bifix caps work?
  4. Are Bifix caps easy to use?
  5. Will Bifix caps really hide screws?
  6. Bifix cap Dimensions
  7. Pricing

What are Bifix caps?

Bifix caps are press-in "star" caps that work in both Phillips Head and Pozidriv screws (hence the name: Bi- Fix)

Bifix caps are ideal for use on no-vibration applications where the security of the fastener and cap is not critical, such as

  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Shopfitting
  • Kitchens
  • Cupboards

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Why are Bifix caps so much better ?

Most "star" caps rely on an interference (or friction) between the sides of the driver recess and the wings of the cap stem.  This only works well if the driver recess is close to tolerance.  In practice, on an 8 gauge countersunk screw, tolerances can vary by 20% (even more on some imported screws), so 4-point star caps will often be too loose or too tight.  Further, although similar in many ways, the size of the drive recesses of Phillips Head and Pozidriv screws are substantially different, and one "star" cap cannot fit both types of screws

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How do Bifix caps work?

The Stem:  Bifix caps have a patented 16 spline stem, which gains its grip in the central "circular" part of the drive recess.  This guarantees a good grip in both Phillips and Pozidriv screws, as well as out-of-tolerance, burred and damaged screws - Better than any other "star" cap on the  market.  Because of the nature of how the plastic splines deform to get this exceptional grip, Bifix caps should only be used once or twice for best results.

The Crown:  Bifix caps utilise the same low-profile crown used on Stemfix caps.  This means the cap is less noticeable and importantly, when the cupboard is being washed or wiped clean that cloths won't snag on the edges of the caps.  The underside of the crown is slightly concave to allow for screws that have not been driven flush with the work-surface.  The crown is flexible to ensure the smoothest transition from the work-surface to the cap.

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Are Bifix caps easy to use?

It can't get much easier! The self-alignment feature makes fitting a breeze


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Bifix are so easy to use!

Bifix self-centre for ease of installation!

Tighten screw until flush with the work-surface.   Place stem of Bifix cap into drive recess. Gently turn the Bifix cap (with thumb or finger) until the correct alignment is felt.  Push cap in firmly

Will Bifix caps really hide screws?

With 98 colours, Bifix caps can match nearly all major laminate colours and patterns



Note: Bifix caps are not recommended for applications subject to vibration such as vehicles.

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Trade Prices are from $13.50 per bag of 1,000 pieces.  All colours are the same price.

Discounts available:

  • 10% OFF - Order $100 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)
  • 15% OFF - Order $250 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)

We are still developing our on-line ordering system.  With so many types of caps and colours to choose from, our priority is to ensure you order the right product, size and colour for your application.

Please call our experienced Sales Team on (02) 9683 2488 , and we will quickly guide you through the possible choices you have available.  You can then be confident you are ordering the type of cap that best fits your needs, and a colour to best suit your application.


These prices are for "trade" customers (ie manufacturers) - Genuine Distributors and Re-sellers wishing to on-sell our products should contact us for special reseller discounts

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* Bifix is a trademark of Pro-Dec Products Pty Ltd, registered in Australia and which may be registered in other jurisdictions