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What are Bench Clamps

Pro-Dec Bench Clamps are an effective, simple and affordable way to join bench-tops or any other critical edge-to-edge joints. These quality connectors utilise ultra-tough ABS-plastic bodies and a 75mm x M6 zinc-plated steel connecting bolt. 

Bench Clamps are affordable, quality and are Made in Australia.

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Why plastic rather than metal bodies?

We believe our Clamps are much stronger and tougher than metal-body connectors!

Bent steel connectors have only limited contact area with the rebate sides. Because they can bend as they are tightened, the clamping area may be further reduced. This results in pressure points in the bench material which results in loosening connection over time. Cast-metal bodies can be quite fragile. This can be easily demonstrated by striking a cast-metal body with a 3lb hammer - usually shattering it within a few strikes

Plastic bodies allow a tighter connection without fear of "slipping" or "pulling through".   The small "ribs" grip firmly into the benchtop material and will not slip as the clamp is fitted. The nut can be tightened without deforming the ultra-tough ABS-plastic body - ensuring maximum clamping surface area is maintained for installation.

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  Qty 100-500 Qty 500-1,000 Qty 1,001+
Bench Clamp 75mm x 6mm (BC75) $0.32 ea $0.29 ea $0.26 ea
Minimum Order: 100 Connectors.   Quantity Discount applies on a per order basis

These prices are for "trade" customers (ie manufacturers) - Genuine Distributors and Re-sellers wishing to on-sell our products should contact us for special reseller discounts

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