Plug CapsTM

The best way to cover-up unused 5mm & 10mm holes in furniture

  1. What are Plug Caps?
  2. Why use Plug Caps?
  3. What colours are available?
  4. Plug Caps are easy to use?
  5. Plug Cap Dimensions
  6. Pricing

What are Plug Caps?

Plug Caps are press-in caps to cover-up unused 5mm (3/16") and 10mm (3/8") holes in laminated or solid timber products such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Office furniture
  • Flat-Pack Furniture

Plug Caps look better and make cleaning the inside of cupboards much easier.  Plug Caps will not brush out accidentally.


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Why use Plug Caps?

5mm Holefix caps hide unsightly shelf-adjustment holes and keep the cupboard/wardrobe more hygienic5mm Plug Caps are the easiest and cheapest way to hide unsightly shelf-adjustment holes in kitchens, wardrobes, office & flat-pack furniture.

10mm Plug Caps are an ideal way to cover larger holes, such as where fixings need to be made for metal, aluminium or plastic profiles, or where rebated fixings are required.10mm Holefix caps can be used to conceal fixings in timer and board products

Plug Caps have been designed with ridges on the stem of the cap.  These ridges bite into timber-based materials to get their excellent grip. 

The superior design however means those same ridges will flatten and deform in 10mm Holefix Caps will also get excellent grip in metal and plastic profilesmetal or plastic holes, delivering the maximum amount of contact between the cap and the hole, and ensuring the caps still achieve optimum grip.

With 98 stock colours, Plug Caps can match nearly all major laminates (solid colours, woodgrains and patterns), aluminium, powdercoat & plastic colours used in Australia - making Plug Caps a very cost-effective way to put those unused holes from sight.


Plug Caps are the easiest and cheapest way to hide unsightly shelf-adjustment holes.  You can give your products the Competitive Edge for less than $1 per cupboard.  You don't even have to fit them yourself.  Save on labour, and let your Customer fit them after they're sure about where they want their shelves!


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What Colours are available?

Plug Caps are available in all 98 colours shown in our Colour Chart.

To ensure you choose the best colour to match your laminated panels, try our Colour Matching utility, where you can find the best Pro-Dec colour to match 100's of laminates in ranges from Laminex, Formica, Wilsonart, Egger and other manufacturers.


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Plug Caps are very easy to use

Using Holefix Caps is easy!  Just push them in.  The specially designed ridges ensure excellent grip in timber, composite, metal and plastic materialsPlug Caps couldn't be easier to use - just push them in.

Holefix Caps couldn't be easier to use - just firmly push them into place.  They grip securely into position, ensuring caps cannot be easily removed again.

This makes Holefix Caps ideal to use where children are able to access them




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Trade Prices are from:

5mm Caps    -  $13.50 per bag of 1,000 pieces.
10mm Caps  -  $15.80 per bag of 1,000 pieces.

All colours in each size are the same price.

Discounts available:

  • 10% OFF - Order $100 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)
  • 15% OFF - Order $250 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)

We are still developing our on-line ordering system.  With so many types of caps and colours to choose from, our priority is to ensure you order the right product, size and colour for your application.

Please call our experienced Sales Team on (02) 9683.2488, and we will quickly guide you through the possible choices you have available.  You can then be confident you are ordering the type of cap that best fits your needs, and a colour to best suit your application.


These prices are for "trade" customers (ie manufacturers) - Genuine Distributors and Re-sellers wishing to on-sell our products should contact us for special reseller discounts

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* Plug Caps is a trademark of Pro-Dec Products Pty Ltd, registered in Australia and which may be registered in other jurisdictions

Plug Caps now available in all 98 stock colours!



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