The original Cap & Washer screw cover

  1. What are Snap-Caps screw covers?
  2. Why use Snap-Caps screw covers?
  3. How do Snap-Caps screw covers work?
  4. Snap-Cap screw covers Dimensions
  5. Snap-Cap screw covers Pricing
  6. What types of fasteners will work with Snap-Caps screw covers
  7. Can Snap-Caps screw covers work for you?

What are Snap-Caps screw covers?

Snap-Caps screw covers are the original cap and washer combination used to conceal and protect the heads of screws, bolts, rivets, dowels and nails.  Snap-Caps screw covers are moulded from UV-stabilised polypropylene for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Why use Snap-Caps screw covers?

Snap-Caps screw covers will improve your product by protecting, decorating and concealing unattractive fasteners, including damaged, burred and corroded fasteners.  Snap-Caps screw covers can save you time, effort and money by allowing use of cheaper fasteners and more simple fixing methods.

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How do Snap-Caps screw covers work?

The fastener is secured through the washer into the workpiece.  The cap is then "snapped" over the washer, mating by means of an interlocking peripheral groove and flange.  This provides an airtight seal that excludes atmosphere and protects the fastener head from rust and corrosion.

Snap-Caps are easy to fit!

because of the extra clamping area of the Washer, there is no need to over-tighten the fastener

place the Cap over the Washer at an angle and press down until the Cap locks over the Washer with an audible 'SNAP'

Position fastener through Washer and tighten into place.

Place Cap over Washer at an angle.

Press Cap down until it firmly engages with a SNAP!

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Due to the range of colours and finishes available in the Caps, and the different styles of Washers available, Caps & Washers are priced and sold as separate items.  Trade Prices are from:

Caps        -   $15.80 per bag of 1,000 pieces.
Washers  -   $15.80 per bag of 1,000 pieces.

All colours (excluding Electroplated Snap-Caps) and sizes are the same price.


Discounts available:

  • 10% OFF - Order $100 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)
  • 15% OFF - Order $250 or more Product Value (excludes GST, and can be made up from any mix of our products & colours)

We are still developing our on-line ordering system.  With so many types of caps and colours to choose from, our priority is to ensure you order the right product, size and colour for your application.

Please call our experienced Sales Team on (02) 9683 2488, and we will quickly guide you through the possible choices you have available.  You can then be confident you are ordering the type of cap that best fits your needs, and a colour to best suit your application.

These prices are for "trade" customers (ie manufacturers) - Genuine Distributors and Re-sellers wishing to on-sell our products should contact us for special reseller discounts

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What types of fasteners will work with Snap-Caps screw covers?

Click here to display Sizing Table - an indication of the different types and sizes of fasteners that can be used with Snap-Caps screw covers.  It is by no means definitive, and there are numerous examples of imported fasteners that are sized differently enough to not fit.  If you have any additions to this table, or disagree with any information, please contact our Technical Department

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SnapCaps - Cover Up with the original Cap & Washer screw covers


Snap-Caps screw covers come with two types of Washers:

Snap-Cap Washers are available to suit Countersunk fasteners ...

...or to suit 'flat-bottom' fasteners such as pan-head screws

CSK Washer F/B Washer
  • CSK washer for use with
    Countersunk fasteners and
  • F/B Washer for use with pan-head
    and other "flat-bottomed" fasteners



Snap-Caps screw covers are immune to weather extremes, are UV-stabilised for long lasting, are vibration-proof, water-proof and prevent rust and corrosion.





Snap-Caps screw covers come in 4 sizes to suit from 2 gauge (M3) up to 1/4" (M6) and all sizes in between.






Snap-Caps screw covers are so easy to use, they don't need to be designed in - you can start using them today.





Can Snap-Caps screw covers work for you?

Snap-Caps screw covers are available in 98 colours (plus Electroplated Chrome and Gold finishes) to match all the popular laminate and powdercoat colours and with a variety of finishes and sizes to suit most fasteners.

Snap-Caps screw covers can be used on these applications:
Automotive:  use inside or out on buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and accessories.
Marine:  power and sail boats interiors.  Snap-Caps screw covers are completely watertight around the head of the fastener.
Caravans & campers:  cover rivets & screws both inside and out.   Snap-Caps screw covers will not vibrate off.
Furniture:  use on all exposed fasteners on both indoor and outdoor furniture.
Cabinets & Shopfiting:  cover up unsightly and obtrusive fasteners in all types of installations.
Aluminium & Bathrooms:  use to cover rivets and screws on showerscreens, windows and doors.
Architects & Designers:  specify Snap-Caps screw covers at the design stage and take advantage of easier and cheaper installations.
Electrical & Electronics:  enhance product appearance and provide economical double insulation of fasteners on all types of equipment.
Consumer:  thousands of DIY applications for the Handy (and not-so-handy) person.  Give projects that professional finish with Retail Packs for all our products available.

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* Snap-Caps is a trademark of Pro-Dec Products Pty Ltd, registered in Australia and which may be registered in other jurisdictions